This is where I work but your kitchen is restaurant too. So cook at home!
The covid19 crisis will see many re-evaluating how they spend their social lives More now do we realize.the importance of family and close friends as we establish ourselves in the new normal

Kitchens throughout the ages have been the chosen place for family gatherings and social interaction.Primitive man sat around the fire, cooking their meat and exchanging views

why cooking at home is always the best

Cooking is an art and if you keep practicing, you can actually master this art and then you have the advantage of tweaking it and making it tastier and healthier too

You do not have to stick to rules, rely on imagination
Though, there are many pros and cons associated with cooking at home, probably because people haven’t given it a try. Those who have done, they truly associate with the magic in terms of both health and taste.

It’s cheaper

Think about a dinner for two at a fine-dining restaurant in the city and then compare it to your monthly grocery bill. Well, this is enough to give you a sign that how cheaper home-cooked food can be as compared to eating out. Also, the home cooked food is nutritious as it has less artificial flavors and preservatives added to it.

It’s healthier

When you eat out, you hardly know the nutritional value of the dish, but when you cook at home you know the quantity and quality of the ingredients too. So, in every way, the homemade food is balanced and healthy as compared to the restaurant or packaged food.

It’s fun

Cooking is also a therapy that reduces stress and provides relaxation to mind after a stressful day out. Besides, the whole family can join it. Kids will rush in and say “can we lick the bowl mom” like they used to, instead of texting, texting, texting!

It’s flexible

Cooking at home makes everything flexible, right from timing to taste. With homemade food, you can do additions and subtractions as per your taste, but with ready-made or restaurant food you hardly have this comfort.

It’s faster

Well, the concept of home delivery in 30 minutes by the restaurants and cafes might sound alluring, but then the quality of food is definitely a question. Isn’t it? Whereas, cooking at home is way comfortable in terms of quality and of course timing too. How sure are you about the hygiene from home delivery?

Suits your taste buds

Every individual has a peculiar palate preference, and the probability of outside food suiting to that particular taste preference is much less. So, the best way to deal with this game of probability is to cook food at home and relish.

Servings are adjustable

The most irritating part of eating out is the recent trend of small portion servings, as it leads you to crave for more. While, when you cook at home you have the freedom to repeat and adjust the servings as per your liking.

Scope to eat less and as per your timing

The best part of cooking at home is to serve the portion as per your convenience and as per your timing, whereas when you eat outside you have to go as per their servings and restaurants timing.

It has no additives and unwanted chemicals

The biggest problem with outside food is the level of cleanliness, use of unwanted chemicals and additives. Here, the homemade food stands with an upper hand as it is freshly cooked with all fresh spices and ingredients, plus the satisfaction of cleanliness is also ensured.

 Solutions products that make life easier

Inventions make life easier

Quite possibly the greatest invention for the kitchen has been the Thermomix. I use it constantly in my restaurant kitchen.
This is an all in one “kitchen slave” as well as being somewhat of a cooking instructor, It blends, cooks, mixes, grinds and even makes ice cream. Models come with a comprehensive album of recipes.
Top of the range models facilitate recipes being programmed in so you can let it carry on while you do other tasks. Also, WiFi connection to the recipe data base.

The model that I reviewed here is top of the range, but there are many less expensive options that adequately do the job

Another addition would be a good BBQ unit, So much fun!

Make life easy catalog order

Why have to go to malls and possibly a host of other places to get your shopping list done?
Do it conveniently online

Great ways to use leftovers

Plan for leftovers not ingredients. My tips here

A great way to get special deals on food, wine, cigars etc
You may want to have a look at this one

My own favorite food store for everything online

Best wild salmon, gourmet foods and health here


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