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I would like to talk about the TEMPERING CHOCOLATE PROCESS at home

If you have ever tried to make strawberry dipping chocolate, chocolate cake decorations,molded chocolates, chocolate truffles and so forth, and wondered why, after melting your chocolate and  dipping your strawberries, the result is dull and sticky, not glossy and hard when cool. Does not snap when you bite.
This is because your chocolate has not been tempered.
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Tempering chocolate

The difference between melting and tempering chocolate. While the processes for melting and tempering both use heat to transform chocolate, the specifics of each are quite different. … melted chocolate is made up of a network of unstable crystals, while tempered chocolate is composed of a network of stable crystals that make the chocolate set up crisp and glossy

The fats that solidify first, at any given temperature, set the structure for the others in your chocolate. At a temperature that’s too high or low, the fats stay soft when you’re done. If you get it right, they form a rigid crystal structure that makes the chocolate harden and turn glossy

Cocoa butter, the fat in chocolate, can crystallize in any one of 6 different forms (polymorphs, as they are called). Unfortunately, only one of these, the beta crystal, hardens into the firm, shiny chocolate that cooks want.

Restaurants, confectionery store and chocolate factories nay use tempering chocolate machines like this one

But the home cook can achieve results.
Tempering chocolate home:
Tempering chocolate temperatures are the key factor here.
Chocolate temperatures over 90F or 32,2C will affect the tempering process
There are several methods for tempering at home but I find, by far the easiest as explained very simply in this short video.

Tempering chocolate microwave:

Hey presto glossy chocolate with a snap!

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