One of the most versatile machines with brains on the market today is the Thermomix.
My previous article on setting up a home kitchen, left your kitchen in a somewhat rudimentary state, yet certainly sufficient to cook up a mini storm provided of course that you have a stove and oven as well as a refrigerator. Before adding to your kitchen in my next article, I wish to leave you with the following thoughts.

If you are ready to buy into this concept, then you will be able to eliminate much supplementary equipment such as a food mixer, blender, food processor, and in some cases even sous vide equipment. (I will cover this evolutionary method of sous vide cookery on another occasion)

Machines with brains

The magical Thermomix-your very own kitchen slave!

The concept of Thermomix ® began when a mother in Germany wanted to make her own baby food but was unable to find an appliance capable of grinding food into small enough pieces with the ability to cook at the same time.

Developed in Germany, it has taken four generations of the Thermomix ® and the expertise of more than 120 engineers to continually improve and perfect the appliance. Some of the world’s leading chefs have tested more than 25,000 recipes specifically for use with what has to be the world’s most versatile kitchen appliance.

Since its development in 1960, this revolutionary machine has taken Europe by storm and is growing in popularity across the world. Thermomix ® is now used in millions of kitchens worldwide, with at least two Thermomix ® appliances sold every minute!

Today the Thermomix ® is manufactured in a Vorwerk plant in France. Our engineers continue to innovate to keep Thermomix ® at the forefront of technological advancements, while dedicated chefs around the world continue to develop new recipes and write new cookbooks that are tailored to bring the very best of world cuisine to Thermomix ® users.

How much do you want to pay for your slave and what will it do for you ?

Let me begin by saying that even relatively simple recipes may involve the process of chopping, weighing, mixing, grinding, blending and heating, often even all of these steps combined.
Even the basic, cheapest model will do at least all of that in one brainy appliance. 

Obviously fancier models have more bells and whistles

But let us review the sexiest option. It is always nice to sit in the Rolls Royce before settling on the Smart car that, after all gets you to where you want to go, albeit having to sacrifice the mini bar and TV.

The Rolls Royce version of Thermomix will set you back some $2500 whilst the Smart car version comes in at less than $200 and is still a fabulous addition to your kitchen. If you were to buy a bunch of individual machines to make up all the tasks that the Thermomix can perform you, would pay far more.

Even the basic model is;

A digital scale, a food mixer, a blender, a food processor, a grinder a heating element –all in one machine!

The fancier versions all depend on the scope of your ambition and your pocket of course. There are substantial different models on the market, varying in price. The in-between versions don’t do much more than the basic.

Whilst there are many brands out there, I will always recommend original brands, steering shy of cheap knockoffs like those lifetime guaranteed Rolex watches for $10. You get what you pay for.

Caveat emptor, quia ignorare non debuit quod jus alienum emit (“Let a purchaser beware, for he ought not to be ignorant of the nature of the property which he is buying from another party.”) 

The fabulous Thermomix TM6-the magical German do-it-all kitchen appliance, is here to conquer America -very high on the wish list!

I use one of these in my restaurant kitchen. Indispensable!

Unlike other kitchen appliances that need to be dragged out and pieced together every time you need to use it, the Thermomix is surprisingly compact with minimal parts. It’s designed to live on the bench top and with a flick of a switch it’s ready to go.


The Thermomix is just about the best tool you can have in your kitchen. It can grind, chop, whisk, blend and cook, either manually or via the guided recipes. It suits both the casual cook looking to expand their repertoire, and professional chefs looking for consistency and reducing the grunt work required for some labor-intensive dishes and sauces. With the Thermomix TM6, the machine gets even better, with higher temperatures for frying and caramelisation, sous-vide cooking and a slow-cook mode

The TM6 is also internet-connected, delivering recipes from the Cookidoo website The sheer power on offer, combined with the new modes, makes the Thermomix TM6 the ultimate kitchen accessory.

Imagine your own step by step guide to thousands of recipes that you choose from the website, on the screen right in front of you as opposed to cooking from scratch recipes. Your own personal master class!

I am personally well past using internet recipes so I develop recipes of my own and send them via wireless to the Thermomix.

These translate to a step by step recipe guide on the Thermo’s screen thus facilitating one of my trainee cooks to get on with it while I do other things.

It even makes ice cream and sorbet in a jiffy by the way!

Watch this comprehensive demo for the home cook

Thermomix Recipes book

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