How can I learn to cook?
Learn cooking online with the worlds best chefs!
I am professional chef with over 40 years in the industry. I have worked in many of the worlds top restaurants and hotels as well as serving as chef to Sir Elton John

The school of hard knocks worked in the good old days, so it should work now?

I was trained in the old school fashion. You had to ‘demonstrate your commitment’ and ‘do the time’ scrubbing dishes, floors and any other crappy job available. Punishment for any misdeeds often resulted in emptying boiling hot oil from fryers, cleaning and replenishing. If you were due to finish work at midnight, you may be lucky enough to complete these tasks before being due for work again at 6 am. Oliver twist had it better!

No instruction or guidance was given to the other qualified cooks in the kitchen on what their roles and responsibilities were when you were employed as an apprentice and been made part of the team.

The louder you got shouted at, the better you were expected to respond.

Hotel executive chef Wilem Friedly was a kindly man in his seventies. He spoke 6 fluent languages and was a master of his trade. He would tour the kitchens and greet the cooks by name and in their own respective languages.

His bevy of Gestapo-like sous chefs kept order and were far less friendly.

Chef Friedly had a replica of a little Swiss chalet built in a section of the vast kitchens. This is where he would conduct “chefs tables” for VIP invited guests. Even if the hotel general manager would dare to knock on the door, he would invariably be greeted with “what do you want, can’t you see I’m busy!”
The chef ruled the roost in those days!

As for the maitre d’hotel, he had to have a total and complete knowledge of the kitchen, preferably with a cheffing back ground.
There was a strict tradition for the kitchen team to eat meals. A long table was set up in the kitchen, immaculately laid with white cloth and proper table settings done by trainee waiters. Trainee cooks were each given a course to prepare and everyone; sous chefs, chefs de partie, trainees, and the exec chef would partake in the meal. Afterwards came the assessment phase. Comments from all and sundry that ranged from “well done young Patrick” to “how could you put this rubbish on our table”,Trainee waiters were rebuked for wrong table settings. This is how training was done; If you cried you were sent home!

I began my training in the pastry section under a French executive pastry chef, his German sous chef and 3 other pastry chefs.
The hotel had 3 a la carte restaurants and also served “afternoon tea” with an unbelievable selection of little pastries and mini sandwiches. Amazing butter sculptures and ice carvings were the order of the day.

The sous chef had a collection of river stones that were his “children”. He knew the weight of each stone by heart and using this sort of scale 

The future of cooking

There is no doubt that having a real live mentor is a great advantage, yet there is little opportunity for this especially for the home cook.
For the aspiring professional, apart from formal hotel schools and live cordon bleu type training, the opportunities of being accepted into a top Michelin star restaurant as a trainee are slim.

With brick and mortar culinary schools closing their doors around the world, online learning is becoming the new industry standard for those seeking to learn foundational culinary technique. With high definition videos, world-class instructors, peer support and interactive assignments


Chefs in Italy, Japan, Spain, Turkey, Thailand, and more will join you and your friends in your home kitchen in a private, one-to-one cooking class – live via Skype.
Learn from chefs who’ve been featured on Food Network, USA Today, CBS, CNBC World, have worked in Michelin Star restaurants and have Certificates

The chef and the dish cooking classes
you get to connect with their one-of-a-kind private, live, one-to-one cooking classes with chefs around the world – without leaving their kitchen! Transport to Italy, Thailand, Brazil, and more countries – all via Skype.
At the time of your cooking class, your chef will video call you through Skype. Then you’ll cook together! Two hours and three dishes later… say goodbye to your private chef and enjoy an epic meal. 

Great fun,how it works:

It’s easy! All you need is a laptop or tablet with sound, a built-in camera and high speed internet. Learn more here


Check out a date- cooking classes and chefs from Italy, Thailand, Japan and more. What country do you want to cook with? Follow the prompts to book! One of the Kitchen Assistants will contact you right away!

A Kitchen Assistant will contact you to host a personal Kitchen Prep Session. We review your Shopping List, any questions you have, and even check your camera settings.

At the time of your cooking class, your chef will video call you through Skype. Then you’ll cook together! Two hours and three dishes later… say goodbye to your private chef and enjoy an epic meal.

Rouxbe cooking course-be more sophisticated

A team made up of world-class chef educators and former culinary school executives dedicated to teaching culinary technique to our students around the world – completely online. Additionally, they offer traditional or plant-based content preferences.

Teaching the world how to cook – the right way. Whether students want to gain confidence in the kitchen, transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle or are a professional wanting to expand their skill set, there is something for everyone.

Hundreds of hours of premium instructional videos focusing on core techniques while developing course curriculum’s that challenge students to master technique. Plus, students receive ongoing chef instruction and support and access to an exclusive online community.

Please leave a comment if you require any help or further information-Chef Patrick



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