Did you ever find something hidden in the fridge that you had totally forgotten about and had to bin?It illegal throw away money, yet surveys have shown that nearly half (44%) of Americans have found an item in their fridge in the past month that they didn’t realize was there.





It makes sense for us to get smarter about fully using the food that we purchase. And that means getting smarter about leftovers. Think ingredients not leftovers

1. Create leftovers purposefully.

When you’re planning meals, think about what the extras can become. It’s a real time- and budget-saver: If you prepare twice the vegetables you’ll need for tonight’s dinner, you’ll have the starting point for a soup or pasta dish later in the week. Anticipate using leftover roast chicken on sandwiches; cook twice as much rice as you need and freeze the extra for later use.

2. Store leftovers smartly.

Glass storage containers are not only reusable and sustainable; they allow you to see what’s inside and are good to store That way, you’re less likely to lose track of leftovers. For freezing, use zip-top gallon bags (which can be washed and re-used), and label and date the contents on a piece of tape. Think of good meals to freeze like lasagna for example

3. Dedicate a leftovers night.

If you find your fridge or freezer stuffed to the gills with leftover food, commit to “eating down the fridge” one night a week.

5. Think “ingredients,” not “leftovers.”

Turn extra pasta or cooked vegetables into a frittata. Blend cooked vegetables with a can of whole tomatoes and create a veggie-packed sauce for pasta. Create burritos with leftover cooked rice, meat and vegetables, and top them with sour cream and salsa.

So what should I cook today?

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