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In my 40 year career as a chef, I have focused a great deal on health & fitness and have visited a number of health resorts all over the world.

Akinon scores my top marks. I had the pleasure of working as their executive chef in 2019.

 This was a challenging task as it involved special diets and vegan, all to Michelin star level!

Some groups require multiple different special meals, all in one sitting. The dishes have to be labeled to avoid confusion. No sugar or gluten allowed in the kitchen!

They also have a spectacular demonstration kitchen and I thoroughly enjoyed hosting sessions there.

If you are health conscious and thinking of visiting sunny Spain, the resort is located at La Nucia on the Costa Blanca, a stones throw away from the bright lights, nightlife and fabulous beaches of Benidorm.

About Akinon:

In January 2009, Linda and Helge Stokke could finally unveil Akinon Resort to the 500 guests attending the opening. There was a palpable excitement in the air as the deputy major of La Nucia cut the ribbon, officially marking the end of a five-year construction project. The dream of building an oasis had become a reality and they couldn’t wait to share it with the world!

Fusion 8 restaurant:

Indulge your taste buds with a culinary adventure at Fusion 8. Explore the fusion of modern and exciting international cuisine based on natural, fresh and hearty ingredients.

Fusion 8 is located at the heart of Akinon Resort and seats up to 65 guests, surrounded by light, modern and stylish Scandinavian inspired interior. It features a spacious outdoor terrace with room for an additional 50 guests, with a beautiful view of the park and outdoor pool

The concept is based on a fusion of cuisine from around the world with a modern and exciting twist. Quality ingredients, exquisite tastes and beautiful presentation are key components of each dish. They use locally sourced produce whenever possible and all the meat is sourced from a hormone-free meat supplier. Their food is made from scratch with no added preservatives, and to maintain a high quality, they change the menu based on the season. The menu also caters for diners with intolerance, allergies and dietary restrictions like gluten, lactose/casein, low-carb and vegetarian.

Akinon Clinic:

is based on integrated medicine which combines conventional medicine and alternative & complementary therapies. A human being is seen as a dynamic and complex being that is influenced by many factors. Integrated medicine involves a dialogue between the therapist and the patient’s self-knowledge. They do not only treat and prevent illness, they build health. Akinon Clinic offers the following services:

  • Acupuncture
  • Cardiology
  • General practitioner
  • Health check ups
  • Internal medicine
  • Laboratory tests
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Orthomolecular therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Phytotherapy
  • Radiology
  • Reflexology
  • Science of excellence and coping
  • Sports medicine
  • Unity medicine

Akinon SPA:

is created around the Babylonian and Greek traditions of bathing in hot springs and mineral waters to restore our health. Our treatment area is decorated with fresco paintings and ceramic tiles, introducing the atmosphere of ancient times. Entering the premises promotes a tranquility and peace of mind that opens up the senses and stimulates our natural ability to heal body and mind. The term spa has embraced the idea of the holistic human being where harmony and balance is the key to good health. They provide a wealth of different revitalizing spa treatments, all performed by fully trained and skilled therapists. Akinon Spa for a luxurious and pampering experience, whether you want to rejuvenate, detox or merely relax!


Akinon Resort’s gym is equipped with Exergenics’ isokinetic fitness system, which consists of ten different machines that through combining automatic assistance and an interactive touch screen delivers a perfect 30-minute workout. By completing the “circle” you will have exercised all the main muscle groups in the body and since it offers a range of different levels it suited for all age groups and levels, either you are a novice or a pro. They are particularly suited for rehabilitation as the machines limits possible movements and it is therefore harder for the user to train wrongly and further agitate any inquiries.


Akinon Resort features modern and stylish accommodation alternatives suited for any occasion. All the 40 rooms, whether in a duo, trio or quad apartment have an en suite bathroom and is equipped with a door lock that only you have access to. We offer three standards within each type of accommodation: Standard, Premium & Premium Plus. The difference between the standards is the apartment’s location, view, amenities and price.


Akinon Resort has a large heated indoor pool that can be used during the winter months or when it’s too cold to use to swim outside.

It is 12.5 meters long and measure an impressive 2 meters at the deepest, allowing it to be used for different types of water gymnastics. The pool area also features a seating area as well as an infrared sauna.

The outdoor pool at Akinon Resort is open all year long and is heated by the sun. It’s a saltwater pool and features a spacious area where guests can sunbathe, relax or have a snack or something to drink when the pool bar is open. The pool area is also an ideal location for a barbecue or a welcome drink as part of an event.

By the lookout point in the Akinon Resort Park guests are able to play a game of boccia at our double boccia court while enjoying a spectacular view of the local area and sea. The boccia court area also feature multiple seating areas in quiet and peaceful surroundings.

Akinon Resort features a spacious and colorful natural park.

The park offers multiple ponds, seating areas and a spectacular lookout point with a beautiful view of the local area. A stroll in the park is ideal whether you want to collect your thoughts, meditate or play some boccia.

Some of my healthy creations whilst executive chef at Akinon.

Tuna tartar
Stuffed aubergine rolls

Two of my favorite health breads:

HEALTHY NUT BREAD RECIPE-gluten,sugar free

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