Uncle Joe getting organized at home

Messy cook

Uncle Joe is very proud of his brownies though he doesn’t make them very often, due to the fact that the recipe is quite complex and it takes him at least two hours of prep time before the mixture is ready to be baked.

Uncle Joe makes brownies for the kids

Recipe for messy brownies: Uncle Joes very own recipe!

Uncle Joe has a very poor memory and needs his recipe in front of him no matter how many times he makes it


Dark chocolate-200 gm

White chocolate-200 gm

Granulated sugar-150 gm

Eggs-4 whole

Flour-200 gm

Cocoa powder-40 gm

Butter melted-80 gm


1) In a bowl place the dark chocolate

Joe rummages through his kitchen closet to find a bowl, then goes to his food pantry to find the dark chocolate

2) place the bowl over a pot off simmering water until the chocolate melts

Joe finds a suitable pot, half fills it with water, then looks for his kitchen scale, weighs the chocolate, puts the bowl on top of the water, places it on the stove, turns the stove on and waits for the chocolate to melt.

3) Repeat the process with the white chocolate

Joe rummages to find another bowl and goes to the pantry to retrieve the white chocolate, weighs it and places it over the simmering water which is still on the stove. Waits for it to melt

4) Beat the eggs together with the sugar until pale

Damn, another bowl needed. Joe looks for his hand mixer but one of the whisk heads is missing. Eventually finds it in a drawer filled with bric-a-brac. Goes to the fridge and takes out the eggs. Another trip to the pantry for the sugar, beats the eggs and sugar

5) Add the two chocolates to the egg mixture

Piece of cake. Done

6) Sift the flour and cocoa into the egg-chocolate mixture and fold with plastic spatula

Oh for God’s sake when will it end with all these bowls! Last excursion to the pantry for the cocoa and flour, weighs the flour and cocoa, finds the sieve, rummages for the spatula and adds to the mixture.

Now kids rush into the kitchen followed by the dog, barking. “Uncle Joe, uncle Joe are the brownies ready, why is it taking so long, can we lick the bowl”

7) Finally stir in the melted butter

Joe finds his last available bowl, gets the butter from the fridge, weighs it and places it over the pot that was used to melt the chocolate, chuckling proudly to himself “knew it would have been a waste of money buying a microwave”

8) Pour messy brownie mixture into a greased 8×8 baking dish. Bake in a preheated oven at 160C for 20 minutes.

Joe turns the oven on and waits for it to reach temperature. This is an old oven so takes at least 10 minutes.

He places his masterpiece in the oven and waits for it to bake.

“Come and get it kids” he shouts excitedly.

“Thanks uncle Joe but we aren’t hungry anymore!”

So what is the message here:


In the first place Joes recipe should have contained the following information


1 large mixing bowl

2 smaller mixing bowls

Baking scale

1 x 10″ saucepan

Wire mesh sieve

Plastic spatula

Joe should have had all the above items at hand instead of rummaging at each step

Joe should have assembled all his ingredients before starting to prepare

Joe should have multi-tasked, got on with next steps and not watched chocolate melting

Joe should have switched his oven on before even starting.


Believe it or not I have seen many real life cooks like Joe.
Get organized!

Setting up a home kitchen

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