How I discovered the Best Gourmet Chocolate in the world. By Patrick, Michelin chef in Caracas

After retiring from my position as chef to Sir Elton John, I moved to Venezuela and with the financial support of multi millionaire Gonzales Gorrondona, owner of the largest banking network in South America, the restaurant Patrick was born. Located in the elite suburb of Las Mercedes in Caracas, Patrick was the favorite venue of many a celebrity, the rich and the famous. 

One of my regular customers was Mr, Jorge Redmond, president of the giant “Chocolates El Rey” corporation.
Venezuela is well-known for producing some of the finest cacao in the world

Jorge taught me everything one needs to know about chocolate, hence my lifelong romance with this delicious food began. Why should we eat chocolate?

Chocolate romantic-fall in love over chocolate!

High end chocolates have an intense flavor and a luscious mouthfeel. The whole taste of chocolate in your mouth is a voluptuous experience, so even if you didn’t know about the supposed aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate, it’s no surprise that good chocolate makes people feel romantic.”

A gift of chocolate has also long been a way to show a loved one you value them. Many ancient civilizations used cacao beans as currency. So when you drank chocolate, you were literally drinking money.
And with American consumers spending $19.6 Billion on Valentine’s Day, it seems some things never change

What a unique gift idea!

 A gift must say

“this has been created for you alone”
“wow I’ve never got anything like this before”

One day on my birthday-a gift of chocolates.
I was introduced to the worlds best gourmet chocolates

I was hooked for life!

You don’t need this gold leaf extravagance to say “I love you” but then again why not?


The French rule with luxury products and are known for their superb wines and exquisite cuisine. French chocolate is no exception with some of the best chocolates in the world. Each one is handmade by Pascal Caffet, World-Champion Chocolatier, with zealous adherence to French tradition: all natural ingredients, no alcohol, no preservatives, high cocoa content, low sugar, and 100% pure cocoa butter. These signature dark, milk, and white chocolates include rich ganaches prepared with French butter and cream from Normandy and finely textured pralines honed from a perfected mixture of Valencia almonds from Spain and Piedmont hazelnuts from Italy. The Z collection is the natural outcome of combining Pascal Caffet’s renowned expertise with years of meticulous chocolate tasting and feedback from thousands of customers.

Their numbered chocolate collection is unique and out of this world







Service and delivery:

This company reigns supreme.
Their motto: perfection or just don’t do it! 

-delivery speed, shipped same day as order to anywhere in the world

-Service recovery: In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, their process of recovery is so good that you end up saying “I’m happy it happened”

-Chocolates come beautifully packaged some in a cotton pouch, like jewelry.
A personalized card or even your own message engraved on the actual box of chocolates

VIP membership You get double the amount of chocolates per order


Gluten: Only six chocolates in the whole range contain gluten

Nut allergies: The environment in which these chocolates are made may leave traces of nuts in all of of the products. Therefore, I would not recommend any of the  products for a recipient with nut allergies.

Please do not hesitate to mail me for any help or advice:


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