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I was born in the former British Colony of Tanganyika, now Tanzania. My parents were wealthy owners of immense coffee estates, did little or no work and passed their time playing polo, engaging in luxury safaris and lavish entertaining.

Whilst employing some 70 servants they never bothered to learn Swahili whilst as a young child, spending most of the time with the servants, my own was fluent. Due to a policy of “children should be seen and not heard” I was shipped off to boarding school at the posh Eton college in England, only to return to Africa for school holidays. From a young age I was drawn to the kitchens where I spent much of my time with the servants preparing the meals for my parents parties.

When the British were kicked out of the Colonies, the family moved to South Africa and I began my chefs apprenticeship in the neighboring Kingdom of Swaziland at a prestigious 5 star resort, under the guidance of a 30 strong brigade of top chefs.

Now I am a world traveled chef, having worked in some of the worlds top hotels and restaurants as well as being personal chef to Sir Elton John for a number of years.

I opened a Michelin star level restaurant in South America voted restaurant of the year on many consecutive years by the American Chamber of Commerce  and sited by the influential Gourmet Magazine as “best new restaurant South of Chicago”

I catered for the rich and famous including billionaire Gustavo Cisneros, Henry Kissinger, Luciano Pavarotti, Her Majesty Queen of the Netherlands
I became a personal friend of  fashion guru Carolina Herrera when she was still residing in Caracas.

I conducted several food festivals throughout South America and the Caribbean.

When the political tide in Venezuela turned for the worst, I returned to South Africa as executive chef to Cape Towns’ foremost 5 star hotel with a brigade of 50 chefs under my supervision.

Later I opened a fine dining Mediterranean restaurant in Cyprus that gained the number one rating on Trip Advisor, rivaling even the five star hotels. I was appointed head of culinary arts at a prestigious hotel school on the island and many of my former students are now brilliant and successful chefs in their own right.

I was contracted to join the Frenezy Restaurant in Alicante Spain,as executive chef. Undoubtedly one of the best fine dining on the Costa Blanca.



The aftermath of the COV19 crisis is more likely to see us spending a great deal more time in our own home kitchens. As we are faced with looking at life from a totally different perspective, we may well find  ourselves in a more self fulfilling realm. My aim is to guide and mentor the home cook in all aspects of their newfound lives and to promote a healthy lifestyle. Most important of all to have fun and save money!
We may all look back and say “what have we been missing?”



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